Sunday, March 2, 2014


For IMMEDIATE Sale:  Completely refurbished (2002) Toshiba Asteion Four-slice CT Scanner (with only 415k on the tube.)  This is a compact scanner with a large 72cm opening and comes with 3D, Dicom, MIP, and MPR options. a unique combination between economy and quality. Unique as Asteion is the only 4-slice CT using 0.5 mm detector technology with excellent low contrast as well as high contrast resolution properties.

Note: Available with warrantee, installation AND full service options or crating and shipping for international customers. This is a premium CT unit that is in stock right and For IMMEDIATE Sale. Site planning, project management, delivery, installation, applications training, warranty and flexible service contracts are available.  

The only 4-slice of it's kind capable of tilted helical scanning. Image quality for tilted scans is guaranteed to be of high standard as cone beam correction is standard for tilted helical scanning using the patented TCOT true cone beam reconstruction method. Scanning has never been as easy as with the new high efficiency Guided Mode giving experienced users the possibility to scan even more efficient and allows new users to get quickly get acquainted with the new system. No more looking for clues.

Asteion is the best solution for efficient scanning. Unique even as Asteion S4 is the only 4-slice CT equipped with SUREExposure, the only method independent of the patient's age, weight or kV value used. Asteion S4 always delivers the optimum dose.

Key features
» Guided Mode for best ergonomics
» 0, 75 sec/rotation with Helical pitch 8 for fast scanning
» 4 x 0,5 mm slice thickness for ultra high resolution imaging
» SUREExposure, the unique dose-by-noise regulation control
» 20 mm detector width for 53 mm per second volume coverage
» Tilted helical up to 30° tilted helical scanning with TCOT reconstruction for ensured artefact free imaging in FOV center and boundaries
» 0.5 mm isotropic voxel for unsurpassed 3D image quality
» Unsurpassed scan range of 1800 mm
» SUREStart, contrast guided scanning
» SUREScan real time helical scanning with 12 frames/second
» Special designed 4.0 MHU X-ray tube for increased patient throughput

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