Monday, February 17, 2014


This refurbished GE Infinia* Hawkeye* incorporates hybrid imaging technology to help enable confident diagnosis, disease detection and precise localization.

Available: Site planning, project management, delivery, installation, applications training, warranty and flexible service contracts 

The Infinia Hawkeye is a premium, high-performance all-purpose dual detector hybrid SPECT/CT imaging system, all in the same footprint as a traditional nuclear medicine camera. The low-dose, helical Hawkeye CT provides excellent image quality for localization and attenuation correction. The free-geometry gantry design enables both 180° and 90° orientations of the detectors for high scanning efficiency, as well as upright and horizontal detector orientations for maximum clinical versatility. 

An exclusive slip-ring gantry design provides a solid infrastructure for advanced acquisition modes. Other core components include a PC-based acquisition station, dual-axis imaging table, real-time automatic body contouring and an easy to learn, intuitive Windows-based user interface.  

The fully integrated GE Infinia* Hawkeye* SPECT/CT provides inherently registered CT images for fusion with SPECT images as well as anatomic localization to match SPECT resolution, helical scanning capability for shorter exam times, quality-controlled attenuation correction maps for improved diagnostic confidence and adjustable exposure parameters to optimize image quality and patient dose. cts are available.

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