Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pre-owned (Refurbished) 2009 GE VENTRI -Dual-Head Cardiac Camera Available

General Electric’s (GE) Ventri is a fixed 90º dual-head system optimized for cardiac stress perfusion studies, PET/CT, and cyclotron business.  Ventri incorporates design elements intended to increase patient comfort, such as a table with a 440-lb weight limit that can be lowered to a point where any patient can sit in it easily.

The system also was designed to make it easy for nuclear medicine technologists to use, with features like a built-in camera that enables technologists to monitor patients in the exam room.  Ventri can also notably be installed in an 8 x 10-foot room and includes built-in Ethernet support to enable GE to offer online support and remote training and diagnostics. The system uses the same Elite detector technology found on the company's Infinia and Millennium gamma cameras and features a ring-style gantry, and attenuation-correction.

ADN Canada’s Refurbished/ Pre-owned 2009 GE Ventri - Dual-Head Cardiac Camera package includes:
+ Xeleris Workstation
+ Myovation Cardiology suite w Emory Cardiac toolbox w SyncTool
+ X2 MDC: SPECT Motion correction
+ SPECT / CoDe Iterative reconstruction
+ DICOM 3.0
+ LEHR Collimators
+ Bar Phantom
+ R-Wave trigger
+ 2KVA UPS battery backup.

+ Optimized Ergonomy
+ Easy access for all patients with low table height (53cm)
+ More natural positioning and relief of joint strain thanks to dedicated arm & leg support
+ Full range of user-friendly features adding up to faster, more efficient and comfortable workflow

For more information on this Refurbished/ Pre-owned 2009 GE Ventri - Dual-Head Cardiac Camera, please contact ADN Canada or call 1-877-434-5311.  

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